Model Trains

Model trains for beginners and how to pick the right table for you. Learn how to customize your own model train table.

We've had a passion for building model trains for several years. Over those years we have learned techniques and methods for building a train table that makes it easy and fun. We will be discussing the different types of tables. The variety of trains as well as the mounting and the differences between the tracks, scenery, and switches. We will provide you with the information to help you get the most out of your train table.


Train Tables

Train tables can be constructed of many different materials. Your table will be determined by the size of layout you want and the amount of space available for your table. Your abilities and imagination will become very important in designing and constructing your table.




Model Trains

Model trains come in various sizes and designs. The size of train you choose will determine how much detail your layout will contain. Additionally, you have options to choose the style of train you want to run.




Model Train Track


When it comes to the train track you are limited by the type of train you choose. Tracks come in three rails, two rails, and with or without a built-in roadbed. Some tracks can be built free hand or a quick connect style.




Model Train Switches

Model train switches


Switches or turnouts provide the means for making your layout more interesting.  With the left and right turnouts you can make another track inside the oval or provide a siding to pull your train off the main line.  A second train could be added to your layout and run in conjunction with your initial train set up by building an additional track along with the original set up.





Model Train Scenery

This is one area of model railroading that will enhance the interest in your layout. Scenery can be purchased already made and ready to place on your table. You also can build your own scenery from materials you may have around your house.